what we do

home hums with love, laughter, and yes, chaos. this is an honest, funny attempt at harmonious
homemaking and living. and when it becomes too much, we pack up and travel.

gardening in germany
family and couple travels
Accepting the truth home only stays
organized for 5 minutes. Perfection is not our goal.
Embracing, enjoying the process of homemaking is.

Hi there! Welcome!
It's Jona of Home Hums.

After four years of living in Hanoi, Vietnam, I hauled my life in two huge luggage and two adorable furry cat-kids Miya and Zaki and moved to Munich, Germany. Home hums all the beauties, little hiccups, and fine, pains of being an expat and an Asian in Germany. If recipes, furniture shopping, interior inspo, traveling, restaurant finds, and life anecdotes are your thing, come join me!

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